"A rare occasion when a comedian can give you belly aching laughter, inspirational stories and relevant life material in one exceptional show, but that is what Shawn did! This sold out Parish event provided for good clean fun for couples of all ages.  We highly recommend Shawn Reynolds!"

Marriage Ministry Team (The Connors)
St Therese of Lisieux Parish
Shelby Township, MI

"We had a packed house for our Clean Comedy Night and Shawn did not disappoint!  His humor is real, non-offensive and just down right funny!  We paired Shawn's comedy with a great dinner and there could not have been a better way to spend our time!"

Marinell High
St. Joesph’s Church
Dexter, MI

"FIVE STARS! Shawn did a fantastic job! We all enjoyed his show tremendously. I would highly recommend him!"

Tracy Hager
Church Of Christ
Lexington, KY

"We had heard great things about Shawn's appearance in the Archdiocese of Detroit and he did not disappoint! Our audience ran the gamut from college students to senior citizens and the laughter was DEAFENING.  It was a wonderful evening with a very talented comedian. Can't wait to have him back!"

Mary Louise Hahn-Setta
St Mary’s Church
Chelsea, MI

"We invited Shawn to be part of our Sunday Morning Worship Service for a special event entitled “The Last Laugh.” Shawn was absolutely hilarious and won over the whole congregation with his powerful closing testimony that had everyone laughing and crying at the same time."

Pastor Stacey and Elder Brian McDonald
Kingdom Fellowship Living Word Ministries
Georgetown, KY

"Shawn was great!!! We had over 100 people to attend and he had everyone laughing. After his performance many of the attendees complimented Shawn on his performance. One person said it takes a lot of talent to be funny and be a clean act. We will definitely have him back next year!!!"

Duanne Thompson
Tug Valley Regional Medical Conference
Belfry, KY

"Shawn did an excellent job for our corporate event. He was very professional and had everyone laughing. That's not always easy for a group of engineers. They were still making great comments about him after he left!"

Mavis B.
GE Aviation
Cincinnati, OH

"We loved Shawn! He performed for our company Christmas party. Approximately 175 people and I've heard nothing but the best comments from my coworkers! He researched our company so he knew what we did and the atmosphere we worked in! He arrived on time (actually early...just in case we needed him sooner) and provided a full 30+ minutes of great, clean and hilarious comedy!"

Paige K.
Jackson WWS
Corbin, KY

"I’ve hired Shawn to perform on two different occasions and both times had the whole room in stitches! Shawn combines storytelling with straight jokes all in a way that’s family friendly and unifying! Like a synthesis of Jim Gaffigan and Tim Hawkins, Shawn is a must comedian that everyone will enjoy!"

Michael Chamberlain, Youth Minister
DYMA (Detroit Youth Minister Association) Event Coordinator
Troy, MI

“Shawn was awesome! He totally rocked our event. So many people came up afterwards to tell me how funny Shawn was!” 

John Crissman - Event Host
St Luke’s Methodist Church
Lexington, KY

“The perfect comedian for church events! Using Shawn for fundraising or community outreach is a unique way to bring parishioners and communities together while celebrating the gift of laughter in a way that makes everyone feel wonderful. Having a comedian who’s “safe” to bring into church environments is invaluable and Shawn does not disappoint. His gut-busting humor and fabulous storytelling makes for a night of joy. I highly recommend!”

Mary Wilkerson., Youth Pastor
BOLD Ministries
Redford, MI

“Shawn’s performance at our church was hilarious! I had many people approach me after the show and express how happy they were to laugh so much as a congregation and wanting to know, when can we do it again!”

Joe Rudy, Youth/Family Director
Bethel Luthern Church
Noblesville, IN

“Shawn was awesome at our event! We loved how he put in all the personal touches about real estate in his show! It was nice to laugh out loud at such funny jokes and know the performance would not offend anyone. Great job by a very funny man!”

Carla Hisle, Associate Broker
RE/MAX Creative
Lexington, KY

"Not only was our comedy event a huge success, the event drew many new people to our church for the first time! Shawn was so funny and his performance left everyone wanting more. For your church event, Shawn is the PERFECT fit!"

Jack Legg, Champion City Vineyard Church

Springfield, OH

“Shawn is the greatest comedian in the world today. “

Susan Reynolds, Shawn’s mom